Ghouls Against Humanity: A Cards Against Humanity Halloween Special

20160922_171701.jpgWant to add an especially fiendish touch to your Halloween party? Why not play this extra-horrifying edition of Cards Against Humanity?

You will need:

  • Cards Against Humanity (any edition)
  • Post-it notes (ideally orange or green)
  • Scissors
  • Fine-nibbed pen

Step one: Make a list of some horrifying concepts, characters and things. Try to make this topical and geographically relevant – for example, why not include a local serial killer or loathed politician?

img_7981Step two: Go through the white cards looking for scary-themed ones, duds – you know, the ones that make you go “meh” when you get them in your hand – and any non-duds that might be enhanced by the addition of a horrifying concept, character or thing. Put the scary cards in one pile and the soon-to-be-enhanced cards in another.

Step three: Remove a post-it note from the pad and cut the sticky part to fit the words you want to cover with new ones. Then write on your new words and stick onto the card. Discard non-sticky part of note.

Step four: Repeat step one until you run out of ideas.

Step five: Mix up your doctored cards, the scary cards, and between a third and half of the remaining white cards. This ensures that however short your game, it will be suitable horrror-y.

Step six: Game on!

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