The Fall, series three, episode four: Regrets, they have a few

fall-ep-fourI’D love a peek at Stella’s dream diary. “Dear Diary, Had dream about having dream about being murdered by Spector – some Inception-like shit right there.”

I can’t quite believe that she’d have carried on writing in that same book after Spector added his tuppenceworth, but it certainly serves the plot well. What if she’s got illustrated accounts of murders in there?  This show could run and run…

There wasn’t a lot of action in this episode – the main drama involving Sally-Anne and the kids has already happened, so we watched the news reports along with the police. “How were we to know she was that desperate?” says Jim, the idiot. Oh, I don’t know Jim, by looking at her gaunt, despairing face? I disagree with Stella that Sally-Anne was dealing with anger – I think she’s perhaps projecting a little.

Poor Liam’s still being marginalised, even after his near-death experience. Not a single line, or even a scene with his eyes open, whereas his sister gets a one-on-one with Stella and manages not to say “daddy” once.

When Rose showed up again for a late-night chat with Stella I wasn’t initially that interested – hasn’t she said her piece about being trapped in a house of horrors in the woods and then locked in the boot of a car? Oh, no, actually. Poor Rose. It’s pretty remarkable she’s not just sitting in a room rocking. Especially when she reveals the details of her relationship with Spector all those year ago.

Stella isn’t surprised to learn that the choking incident Rose told police about wasn’t the only indication Spector gave her that he mind be a total wrong ‘un. She knows this sort of thing is rarely a one-off incident. Clearly poor Rose has been racked with guilt – but so has Stella. After all, she led him to Rose with her public appeal and then failed to swoop on Spector when she had the chance (I’d forgotten this – I thought the failed swooping came after Rose’s abducation).

Valane Kane is just tremendous as Rose – as she processes Stella’s confession you can see her working through emotions but it’s hard to say how she’ll react – weeping? Shouting? Going for the woman whose actions put her in that boot? But no – she’s relieved. Relieved that she wasn’t the only one who made a mis-step that allowed Spector to commit awful crimes. An utterly compelling scene.

I’m a bit concerned that there are only two episodes left and we’ve got an awful lot to tie up. Will Katie manage to deliver her note to Spector? Will the court rule that Stella’s sexy policing methods are a step too far? Will Jim get a grip, or even a clue? Will that bible-bashing nurse take the hint that she’s wearing far too much rouge?

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