Might Theresa May be visited by some spirits this Christmas?

The PM might have won the no-confidence vote, but minutes after the result was announced some colleagues were still baying for blood. With friends like these, who needs a visit from the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future?

A Feminist’s Guide to the Festivals: Best of the Fringe

Natalie Palmides: Nate This isn’t just the best thing I saw at this year’s Fringe – it’s one of the best things I’ve even seen anywhere. Natalie Palamides won Best Newcomer at last year’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards and if she isn’t nominated for the main prize this year I’ll be furious. The less you knowContinue reading “A Feminist’s Guide to the Festivals: Best of the Fringe”

Ruth Davidson’s ‘soft on crime’ charge doesn’t stand up to scrutiny

IF in doubt, “criminals!” shout. That seems to be Ruth Davidson’s strategy for any session of FMQs that falls during a week when her colleagues at Westminster have been disgracing themselves, disrespecting Scotland, slinging mud at each other and infuriating our EU neighbours. At the moment that describes just about every week, so no wonderContinue reading “Ruth Davidson’s ‘soft on crime’ charge doesn’t stand up to scrutiny”

No-one is trying to ban free speech at universities

It seems students at English universities are to be protected from their own wrong opinions by a watchdog that will have the power to fine universities for pandering to them – or rather, for not interfering any time a minor stooshie involving a student-led group erupts.

Is the law really the best way to deal with incest?

As technology allows family relationships to become ever more complicated, such as in the strange case of the 24-year-old frozen embryo, it’s worth pausing to consider what problems might be stored up for the future.