The Good Fight season two, episode three (Day 422): Tequila buffet

TGF sloshedWHAT on earth’s got into Diane? I had assumed – or certainly hoped – her bizarre experiment with “micro-dosing” liquid shrooms was a one-off blip, not the start of a highly implausible habit. Yet here she is, hallucinating in her apartment and laughing like a loon in court.

But at least she’s finally clocked that newcomer Liz is out to get her. I’m surprised it took her that long, given her well-established bond with Adrian. How on earth did Liz imagine she’d be able to quietly elbow Diane out of the building without anyone twigging? Is she micro-dosing too? And why is everyone so sure Trump hasn’t acquired a pet pig? This wouldn’t even rank in the Top Ten of his unlikely and ridiculous acts.

Elsewhere, Marissa and Maia’s bond is strengthened by a ricin scare at the office and they end up sozzled together in the pub. I really like this friendship, not least because it’s everything the one between Alicia and Kalinda wasn’t. Yes, the two characters are very different but – gasp! – they actually talk to each other about their feelings. Groundbreaking.

I thought for a terrible moment the barman offering them “something harder” was the same pusher who’d targetted Diane, on a mission to disable the city’s legal profession one at a time (who needs ricin when you have incomprehensible naivety?) but apparently not. It seems this was just a way to link their scene with this week’s case.

Ripped-from-the-headlines cases are back! This week’s, about a reality show contestant suing producers over an alleged sexual assault, might not have rung any immediate bells with UK viewers, but the inspiration was clearly last summer’s allegations about the US show Batchelor in Paradise.

Frankly, however, this was weak: it was not plausible on any level that a reality show staffer would pick up a naked, passed-out woman and place her in a hot-tub, and this big reveal felt in dubious taste given the reality of actual sex assault cases hinging on questions of drunken consent. Disappointing all round.

Did we know Liz’s husband was a top cop? Probably. He doesn’t seem a very bright one, though admittedly none of our top lawyers think to correct him when he says: “Someone is trying to kill you – this is not a joke.” Um, if someone actually was trying to kill Diane they probably wouldn’t have used baking powder as their weapon. Sure, it turned out not to be a joke per se, but it was the opposite of a credible threat.

I’m slightly concerned that there’s still no sign of Barbara. Surely she’s not gone for good?

Motherfucker of the Week: Blake, clearly, since he raped his co-star. It doesn’t make any sense at all to claim, as she does, that (because tequila buffet) he was a victim too.

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