The Good Wife: Season seven, episode twenty: Party

PartyOK, so I said in my last post that I didn’t care how Jason responded to Alicia’s declaration, but at the start of this episode I realised I did a bit – because I really wanted him to say he wasn’t looking for anything more than a fling, just to see her face.

He didn’t, but I still got to see her face because when he inexplicably gave her a “joke” present of land on Mars, she reacted as if he’d handed her a gift-wrapped turd. “I don’t know what this is yet”, he said of their relationship. Which was surely about the most she could possibly have expected, given he’s a total weirdo and they don’t actually know each other.

The next we see Jason, he’s watching Matan sleep. Non-consensually, that is, but apparently no-one can resist those bedroom eyes and minutes after wakening the prosecutor is chatting away about the alleged mistrial and worrying about being made a scapegoat by his former boss.

Another disappointing present looms into view when Peter arrives at his mother’s fancy schmancy engagement party with an gift bag that looks like it’s from Clinton Cards, but Alicia barely has time to take it in before Zach’s announced his own engagement to a terrifying older woman called Hannah.

The party is a very obvious excuse to gather a load of characters together (regardless of whether or not it’s plausible they’d be invited) to tie up loose ends because oops, we’ve only got two episodes to go. Lots of silly things happen, including Veronica telling Grace and Zach about their parents’ divorce (um, does client confidentiality mean nothing to David Lee?)

“Be good, please,” Alicia tells Zach. I do wish he’d tell her to piss off.


I enjoyed the tiny snippet of Second Amendment chat between Kurt and Hannah. And I generally enjoyed how uncomfortable Hannah made Alicia feel.

It’s bad enough when young people expect instant replies to their calls and texts, but when Jason showed up to talk to Alicia *in the middle of the party she was hosting* my eyes rolled hard.

I’m really hoping that the last episode will involve a leap forward in time to the end of Peter’s trial or beyond. It seems like there’s a lot of legal snafu still to get through. Unless Peter takes the plea bargain…

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