Lone wolf? No, these ‘incels’ are misogynist terrorists

It’s easy to see why the online world of “men’s rights activism” might appeal to the kind of young men who find social interactions difficult and confusing, and wish there was a scientific formula for success with girls and women. It’s not hard to see how neurologically atypical young men in particular could be sucked in.

Public heroism is no substitute for a coordinated response when disaster strikes

“WHAT’S the worst that could happen?” That’s the first question those working in resilience planning have to ask, and in these uncertain times it’s not an easy one to answer. The second is “how should we respond?” On Tuesday night the BBC broadcast extraordinary scenes in its fly-in-the-wall documentary Hospital, showing how the staff ofContinue reading “Public heroism is no substitute for a coordinated response when disaster strikes”

The burkini is not a burka for the beach, and French bans had nothing to do with security

The policing of Muslim women on French beaches was so utterly wrong-headed, even the Daily Mail disapproved.