It’ll take more than a TV show to stamp out rape myths

If everyone in Scotland took just two minutes and six seconds to watch the I Just Froze campaign’s films, it could make all the difference to countless survivors. It could mean the difference between saying the right thing and asking the wrong questions.

The case against Cliff Huxtable (and other fathers who take a prurient interest in their daughters’ lives)

He played a protector on TV but is alleged to have been a predator in real life … but are the differences between Bill Cosby and his creation Cliff Huxtable really so pronounced?

Bill Cosby’s betrayal of black Americans is unforgivable

THINGS aren’t looking good for Bill Cosby. As rape and sexual assault allegations against the entertainer mount up, more and more institutions are severing their ties with him and withdrawing honours bestowed on him. Last week he resigned from a university board of trustees, the US Navy revoked his status as an honorary petty officer,Continue reading “Bill Cosby’s betrayal of black Americans is unforgivable”