Sorry David Mundell, but Scots understand the small print only too well

WE’VE all been on the receiving end at some point. A sales pitch that isn’t going quite to plan, a salesman resorting to ever more desperate tactics to try and seal the deal. Perhaps a contract has been produced, and a wee bit of pressure is being applied. Don’t worry about all that small print,Continue reading “Sorry David Mundell, but Scots understand the small print only too well”

Jeremy Corbyn: A poor imitation of an opposition leader?

IT must have been a poor imitator of Jeremy Corbyn who took over on Monday night, after the real McCoy finished his speech at the STUC conference in Aviemore. Surely the man himself wouldn’t have stormed down to Dunfermline, blamed the Scottish Government for the evils of his Westminster opponents and expected the Scots toContinue reading “Jeremy Corbyn: A poor imitation of an opposition leader?”

Giving evidence to Holyrood committees need not be a taxing matter

Consultations give citizens a real the chance to influence policy – you don’t need to be an expert to have your say.

A problem with polling … do you know who your candidates are?

Given how difficult it is to find full candidate lists for the Holyrood election, how much faith can we put in opinion polls that lump the small parties into the “other” category?