Jeremy Corbyn: A poor imitation of an opposition leader?

IT must have been a poor imitator of Jeremy Corbyn who took over on Monday night, after the real McCoy finished his speech at the STUC conference in Aviemore. Surely the man himself wouldn’t have stormed down to Dunfermline, blamed the Scottish Government for the evils of his Westminster opponents and expected the Scots toContinue reading “Jeremy Corbyn: A poor imitation of an opposition leader?”

Anyone who believes there are no alternative facts needs a lesson in media studies

Donald Trump’s team and clearly telling whoppers, but if we aren’t willing to put in the background reading, do we get the ‘truth’ we deserve?

Named Person debate highlights widespread ignorance about child protection

Social workers in Scotland mostly engage with families on a voluntary basis … and there are checks and balances to ensure everyone is treated fairly.

Raising Scotland’s minimum age of criminal responsibility – why stop at 12?

The Scottish Government has been consulting on raising the minimum age of criminal responsibility. But it’s asking the wrong questions.