Five ways to target child poverty that won’t cost the earth

The Give Me Five campaign is calling for the Scottish Government to use its new powers to top up child benefit by £5 per week. But there are other ways to put money in the pockets of poor parents and carers that involve neither universal provision nor means testing.

Payslips and Facebook posts alone won’t tell you who’s in poverty

A WARM winter coat. A damp-free home. Fresh fruit and veg. A week’s holiday every year. Are these the bare necessities of life in the UK? What about broadband, curtains, or household insurance? It’s hard to pin down exactly what we mean when we talk about living in poverty. One man or woman’s luxury –Continue reading “Payslips and Facebook posts alone won’t tell you who’s in poverty”

How many pensioners really need a Winter Fuel Allowance?

THE image of the impoverished pensioner shivering in the cold is an incredibly emotive one, especially at this time of year. Amid rising energy prices and much talk of fuel poverty, it might seem a no-brainer to increase the Winter Fuel Allowance as the Scottish Government has this week urged. What kind of heartless ScroogeContinue reading “How many pensioners really need a Winter Fuel Allowance?”