What can Scotland learn from Canada about conflicts over trans rights?

Protests in Canada about an event featuring Meghan Murphy are part of the same global debate about identity as last month’s discussions about whether Scots should be required to declare their biological sex.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie captivates at book festival alongside Nicola Sturgeon

CHIMAMANDA Ngozi Adichie arrived on stage to a rock star’s reception, and her reaction set the tone for an utterly absorbing hour. She drank in the cheers and applause with a warm smile and without a hint of self-consciousness. Her actions – accepting praise without a cringe, engaging with an 11-year-old girl without talking downContinue reading “Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie captivates at book festival alongside Nicola Sturgeon”

What if some of the SNP’s 56 MPs were just a bit rubbish?

WHEN a relationship comes to a end, it’s tempting to focus on the positives. Maybe they really meant it when they said “it’s not you – it’s me.” Maybe it honestly was the case that “the timing just wasn’t right.” Anything to avoid the horrible possibility that you blew it or, worse still, they justContinue reading “What if some of the SNP’s 56 MPs were just a bit rubbish?”

Criticising SNP policy should not be viewed as treason by Yes supporters

Subjecting SNP policy proposals to scrutiny doesn’t undermine the independence cause. On the contrary, it helps challenge perceptions of the Yes movement as a cult of blind obedience in which details don’t matter.

Is inheritance really a toxic topic in Scottish politics?

If the transfer of assets from parents to their children is thwarting aspirations of social mobility, why won’t our politicians come out and say so?

Giving evidence to Holyrood committees need not be a taxing matter

Consultations give citizens a real the chance to influence policy – you don’t need to be an expert to have your say.

Is Labour leadership candidate Owen Smith really normal? And if so, is that a good thing?

The Labout leadership candidates wants us to think he’s an ordinary bloke. But so did Tony Blair…

No voters now thinking again weren’t all fooled during the independence referendum

The vote for a Brexit has changed what it means to be part of the UK, so it’s natural that head-over-heart No voters will be reconsidering their stance.