It’s OK for us to say that even Labour get it right occasionally

It may be tempting, in the face of shoddy behaviour, to simply dismiss every utterance of a modern-day Scottish Labour politician as irrelevant. But those in the Yes movement would do well to remember the strategy endorsed by Michelle Obama: “When they go low, we go high.”

Jeremy Corbyn: A poor imitation of an opposition leader?

IT must have been a poor imitator of Jeremy Corbyn who took over on Monday night, after the real McCoy finished his speech at the STUC conference in Aviemore. Surely the man himself wouldn’t have stormed down to Dunfermline, blamed the Scottish Government for the evils of his Westminster opponents and expected the Scots toContinue reading “Jeremy Corbyn: A poor imitation of an opposition leader?”

Is Labour leadership candidate Owen Smith really normal? And if so, is that a good thing?

The Labout leadership candidates wants us to think he’s an ordinary bloke. But so did Tony Blair…

A problem with polling … do you know who your candidates are?

Given how difficult it is to find full candidate lists for the Holyrood election, how much faith can we put in opinion polls that lump the small parties into the “other” category?