Male victims of abuse do exist, and they deserve support

When the question “what about male victims of domestic abuse?” is asked, it’s not fair to assume the person asking it has an anti-woman agenda, or is trying to undermine (or snatch funding away from) efforts to help female victims.

The best way to tackle domestic abuse is to fight sexism – starting in schools

School discipline may have moved on from the dunce’s cap and the tawse, but that doesn’t mean punishments are always fair and never have an element of shaming. The arbitrary enforcement of rules is one of the hallmarks of coercive control.

Criticising SNP policy should not be viewed as treason by Yes supporters

Subjecting SNP policy proposals to scrutiny doesn’t undermine the independence cause. On the contrary, it helps challenge perceptions of the Yes movement as a cult of blind obedience in which details don’t matter.

It can’t be right that abuse victims pay a child support tax – but what’s a fair solution?

THE doubts and fears associated with leaving an abusive relationship could fill this whole page. Where can I stay? Will I be safe? What belongings can I take with me? Who can I trust to tell? Where children are involved, the anguish and uncertainty – as well as the urgency – is compounded. It’s probablyContinue reading “It can’t be right that abuse victims pay a child support tax – but what’s a fair solution?”