The Moorside, BBC One, Episode 2

I’D forgotten how long it took for Karen Matthews to be arrested. The concluding scene of the first part of this drama seemed almost tantamount to a confession, as she stood gormless and unmoved when seeing her daughter for the first time in three weeks. For someone who had proved herself a good actress duringContinue reading “The Moorside, BBC One, Episode 2”

Don’t the banks have a role to play in enforcing landlord registration rules?

HAVE you ever committed a crime by accident? Perhaps you’ve absent-mindedly left a shop without paying, or crept above the speed limit, or breached a celebrity superinjunction. If you’re an “accidental landlord” you might be indulging in criminal activity at this very moment, by letting out a property without registering. If so, should you beContinue reading “Don’t the banks have a role to play in enforcing landlord registration rules?”

Raising Scotland’s minimum age of criminal responsibility – why stop at 12?

The Scottish Government has been consulting on raising the minimum age of criminal responsibility. But it’s asking the wrong questions.