It’s all too easy to make a murderer … even in Scotland

FOR a tantalising few months in 2016, it seemed Brendan Dassey was going to be freed. Some 10 years and 10 months after he was arrested on suspicion of rape and murder, an appeal against his conviction succeeded. However, the “Dassey freed” headlines and triumphant tweets proved premature, as the Attorney General of Wisconsin lodged anContinue reading “It’s all too easy to make a murderer … even in Scotland”

Don’t be so sure Trump voters were all idiots and racists

Yes, it feels like the votes of Bill and millions like him have turned the world upside down, but shouting at these people that they are all stupid, hateful, white supremacists is no way to mitigate the damage.

Giving evidence to Holyrood committees need not be a taxing matter

Consultations give citizens a real the chance to influence policy – you don’t need to be an expert to have your say.

The Good Wife: Season seven, episode fourteen: Monday

I’m still not quite sure if we’re meant to know why the FBI are sniffing around the Florricks, but if Alicia pays heed to Ruth’s prophecy of doom perhaps the good wife will finally become a divorcee.

Don’t fall into a Tory trap by using disabling language

Yes, raids on the budget for Personal Independence Payments would affect vulnerable people, but they would likely also have a serious impact on many, many others who reject such labels … we must accept that our choice of language – and the stereotypes it helps perpetuate – may be disabling in itself.