Stop telling girls they must put male feelings first

IT first happened when I was seven. A boy in my class tried to give me a giant Valentine’s card, and a bear holding a heart-shaped “I love you” sign. I said I didn’t want them and he burst into tears. Big, blubbery, seven-year-old tears, in the middle of the playground. Everyone in the vicinityContinue reading “Stop telling girls they must put male feelings first”

It’s wishful thinking to suggest that Scotland is racism-free

When the headlines proclaimed that Scotland has a problem with racism, just like the rest of the UK,
many were quick to cry “Unionist fake news!”. No-one likes to be told bad things about the country in which they live.

Lone wolf? No, these ‘incels’ are misogynist terrorists

It’s easy to see why the online world of “men’s rights activism” might appeal to the kind of young men who find social interactions difficult and confusing, and wish there was a scientific formula for success with girls and women. It’s not hard to see how neurologically atypical young men in particular could be sucked in.

Time to face facts: we can’t stop kids from watching porn

A big problem with trying to create legislation around pornography is that most people really don’t want to talk honestly about watching it, especially not to the Government. Most parents also don’t want their children watching it, even when they’re over 16 and allowed to have sex themselves.

Plans to change Scotland’s gender identity law must be prison-proof

From time to time, a case related to transgender identity and prisons will come to public attention – usually via a tabloid newspaper report quoting “prison sources” – that prompts outrage … and not everyone with concerns about transgender rights in prison is a frothing right-winger.