When it comes to protecting our heritage, we won’t know what we’ve got til it’s gone

IT’S a long way from here to Salem, Massachusetts, but that’s where my mind traveled when I heard this week’s news of significant redundancies at the National Trust for Scotland (NTS). If ever you need a reminder of how lucky we are to have well-protected heritage sites, I suggest you make a trip to thisContinue reading “When it comes to protecting our heritage, we won’t know what we’ve got til it’s gone”

No voters now thinking again weren’t all fooled during the independence referendum

The vote for a Brexit has changed what it means to be part of the UK, so it’s natural that head-over-heart No voters will be reconsidering their stance.

Focus on happy endings obscures the emotional toll of unsuccessful IVF

PERFECT little toes on a fluffy knitted blanket – that was the image that accompanied this week’s story in The National about IVF on the NHS. Scotland is to have the UK’s “fairest and most generous” provision, the government announced this week, having accepted some of the key recommendations of its National Infertility Group. IVFContinue reading “Focus on happy endings obscures the emotional toll of unsuccessful IVF”

The case against Cliff Huxtable (and other fathers who take a prurient interest in their daughters’ lives)

He played a protector on TV but is alleged to have been a predator in real life … but are the differences between Bill Cosby and his creation Cliff Huxtable really so pronounced?

The Bank of Mum and Dad is not the solution to Generation Rent’s problem – lower house prices are

It makes little sense for most owner-occupiers to celebrate house price rises … especially if their own children are being locked out of the property market.

Shami Chakrabarti on Human Rights and Dangerous Women (plus one ‘vulnerable man’)

Former Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti delivered a brilliant, thoughtful and funny lecture on human rights and “dangerous women” – but missed the mark at the very end when discussing a “vulnerable man”.