Public heroism is no substitute for a coordinated response when disaster strikes

“WHAT’S the worst that could happen?” That’s the first question those working in resilience planning have to ask, and in these uncertain times it’s not an easy one to answer. The second is “how should we respond?” On Tuesday night the BBC broadcast extraordinary scenes in its fly-in-the-wall documentary Hospital, showing how the staff ofContinue reading “Public heroism is no substitute for a coordinated response when disaster strikes”

Can we make room for love while keeping those in children’s homes safe?

As a society we have paradoxical attitudes towards children generally, and children in care in particular. On one hand we know they need love if they are to grow into healthy, happy adults – of course we do – but on the other we’ve become more and more suspicious about the motives of the unrelated adults around them.

Radical thinking is needed to solve the elderly care crisis

FOR richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health – the promise seems straightforward enough. But how many of those tying the knot truly consider how much their lives would change if one spouse ended up as the full-time carer of the other? And just how much poorer they might be as a result? “NobodyContinue reading “Radical thinking is needed to solve the elderly care crisis”

No baby should be declared undeserving of support

PARENTS who were this week expecting their third patter of tiny feet must surely have had one eye on the clock as their puffed their way through the contractions. As if the occasion wasn’t momentous enough already, there was an added cash-prize twist. Think Deal or No Deal but with George Osborne instead of NoelContinue reading “No baby should be declared undeserving of support”

Prevention of loneliness will always be better than cure

TACKLING loneliness was a top priority for the late MP Jo Cox, so it was grimly fitting that this topic was under discussion at Holyrood last Tuesday night, less than 24 hours before her former workplace came under attack. In times of sudden, violent tragedy we take comfort from images of people rushing to help,Continue reading “Prevention of loneliness will always be better than cure”

Criticising SNP policy should not be viewed as treason by Yes supporters

Subjecting SNP policy proposals to scrutiny doesn’t undermine the independence cause. On the contrary, it helps challenge perceptions of the Yes movement as a cult of blind obedience in which details don’t matter.

Sometimes special school is the perfect place to nurture talent

While special schooling may have held back children with physical impairments in the 1970s, mainstream schooling may have the same effect today on those with conditions such as autism and ADHD.