Is the law really the best way to deal with incest?

As technology allows family relationships to become ever more complicated, such as in the strange case of the 24-year-old frozen embryo, it’s worth pausing to consider what problems might be stored up for the future.

More red tape is a price worth paying if it protects kids

With hindsight it might seem obvious that coaches should never have been allowed to be alone behind closed doors with the boys in their care, and that any form of touching was inappropriate. But a blanket ban on physical contact between adults and children in sport is neither practical nor desirable.

There’s no point attracting tourists if local infrastructure isn’t up to it

It’s simply not possible to please all of the people all the time. But if we’re to keep attracting more and more visitors, and in the process boost our economy, we need to be honest about where we let ourselves down.

The idea of jury duty has lost its appeal

I’VE always wanted to be on a jury. As I popped my ticket in the hat at Jury Play – an immersive theatre production being staged in Edinburgh – I crossed my fingers. By the end, just two hours and 20 minutes later, I had come to realise I should be more careful what I wish for.

New homes alone are not enough – we need to build communities

During this week’s Scottish Parliament debate about the current crisis, MSPs squabbled over which party’s housing, planning and infrastructure policies were best … but not one of them mentioned shops.

Five ways to target child poverty that won’t cost the earth

The Give Me Five campaign is calling for the Scottish Government to use its new powers to top up child benefit by £5 per week. But there are other ways to put money in the pockets of poor parents and carers that involve neither universal provision nor means testing.

Getting in a flap about primary school testing won’t help P1s

AS the latest intake of primary ones toddle along to their first day at school next week, the littlest ones dwarfed by their jazzy new rucsacks, they’ll have another weight on their shoulders too. The weight of expectations added by the Scottish Government’s dastardly plan to make them sit tests. Not for these five-year-olds aContinue reading “Getting in a flap about primary school testing won’t help P1s”

There’s not much point raising wages if rents keep rising too

The government cannot sit on its hands and blame market forces for the plight of those citizens who will never get on the property ladder (and quite possibly don’t want to either). It doesn’t take an economics degree to see this is a problem of supply and demand to which building is the solution.

If John Swinney won’t listen to teachers, how will he learn?

IF history, theology and Spider-Man comics have taught us anything, it’s that with great power comes great responsibility. Unless, of course, you delegate some of that responsibility to someone else. Then, when being held to account, you can simply point in the direction of that other person and, when everyone turns to look, leap outContinue reading “If John Swinney won’t listen to teachers, how will he learn?”