Kids in care deserve our compassion, not suspicion 

It’s not going into care that hinders a child’s life choices – it’s the earlier experiences that necessitate them being removed from home.

If you didn’t get the exam results you hoped for, it’s not the end of the world

What felt like a disaster on Tuesday could be downgraded to a minor setback by Friday, and in 10 years’ time it might even look like a blessing in disguise.

Named Person debate highlights widespread ignorance about child protection

Social workers in Scotland mostly engage with families on a voluntary basis … and there are checks and balances to ensure everyone is treated fairly.

Do we really want honest politicians, as opposed to a bit of razzle dazzle?

Everyone says they want honest politicians – but don’t silly questions sometimes deserve evasive answers?

No voters now thinking again weren’t all fooled during the independence referendum

The vote for a Brexit has changed what it means to be part of the UK, so it’s natural that head-over-heart No voters will be reconsidering their stance.

Raising Scotland’s minimum age of criminal responsibility – why stop at 12?

The Scottish Government has been consulting on raising the minimum age of criminal responsibility. But it’s asking the wrong questions.

The Bank of Mum and Dad is not the solution to Generation Rent’s problem – lower house prices are

It makes little sense for most owner-occupiers to celebrate house price rises … especially if their own children are being locked out of the property market.