It takes only one puff to bring down Brown’s straw man

The big problem with Brown’s persuasive case against total independence is that no-one is actually arguing for total independence. To call this a straw-man argument is to give it far too much weight – a straw structure does at least take a few huffs and puffs to dismantle. This dishonest construction is more like a delicate sculpture made out of dandelion clocks by the fairies who live at the bottom of the garden.

There’s no point attracting tourists if local infrastructure isn’t up to it

It’s simply not possible to please all of the people all the time. But if we’re to keep attracting more and more visitors, and in the process boost our economy, we need to be honest about where we let ourselves down.

The Tory government’s hunt for ‘undeclared partners’ is not about money

Large-scale benefit fraud “crackdowns” are less about clawing back cash and more an attempt to degrade and humiliate anyone and everyone who relies on state support.

Is inheritance really a toxic topic in Scottish politics?

If the transfer of assets from parents to their children is thwarting aspirations of social mobility, why won’t our politicians come out and say so?

Anyone who believes there are no alternative facts needs a lesson in media studies

Donald Trump’s team and clearly telling whoppers, but if we aren’t willing to put in the background reading, do we get the ‘truth’ we deserve?

Cold callers are more than just a nuisance … could we use people power to silence them?

Why should consumers have to take evasive action to avoid unsolicited calls? Perhaps a total boycott of these nuisances is in order.