New homes alone are not enough – we need to build communities

During this week’s Scottish Parliament debate about the current crisis, MSPs squabbled over which party’s housing, planning and infrastructure policies were best … but not one of them mentioned shops.

There’s not much point raising wages if rents keep rising too

The government cannot sit on its hands and blame market forces for the plight of those citizens who will never get on the property ladder (and quite possibly don’t want to either). It doesn’t take an economics degree to see this is a problem of supply and demand to which building is the solution.

Can we make room for love while keeping those in children’s homes safe?

As a society we have paradoxical attitudes towards children generally, and children in care in particular. On one hand we know they need love if they are to grow into healthy, happy adults – of course we do – but on the other we’ve become more and more suspicious about the motives of the unrelated adults around them.

Radical thinking is needed to solve the elderly care crisis

FOR richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health – the promise seems straightforward enough. But how many of those tying the knot truly consider how much their lives would change if one spouse ended up as the full-time carer of the other? And just how much poorer they might be as a result? “NobodyContinue reading “Radical thinking is needed to solve the elderly care crisis”