Conflating sex and gender does not help to promote gay rights

Gender roles matter to people like right-wing politician Vicky Hartzler, who has voted down legislation to address violence against women and whose efforts to restrict gay rights are thwarted by the idea that a woman can become a man and a man can become a woman. But they also matter to many trans activists, whose motives – when scrutinised – are every bit as homophobic.

If you want to see more women on TV, you might have to step up yourself

I decided this would be my Year of Speaking Dangerously. That when opportunities to speak in public or on air came along, I would feel the fear and seize them anyway.

Skimpy outfits don’t harm girls, but slut-shaming does

“WHAT do these women wear into battle?” asks a bemused Wonder Woman in the new blockbuster, upon being shown the ladies’ fashions of London in 1918. Raised on an island of warrior women who run, jump, punch and kick, she can’t fathom why anyone would pull on a restrictive pencil skirt or a high-neck blouse.Continue reading “Skimpy outfits don’t harm girls, but slut-shaming does”

It’ll take more than a TV show to stamp out rape myths

If everyone in Scotland took just two minutes and six seconds to watch the I Just Froze campaign’s films, it could make all the difference to countless survivors. It could mean the difference between saying the right thing and asking the wrong questions.