The Moorside, BBC One, Episode 2

I’D forgotten how long it took for Karen Matthews to be arrested. The concluding scene of the first part of this drama seemed almost tantamount to a confession, as she stood gormless and unmoved when seeing her daughter for the first time in three weeks. For someone who had proved herself a good actress duringContinue reading “The Moorside, BBC One, Episode 2”

It’s all too easy to make a murderer … even in Scotland

FOR a tantalising few months in 2016, it seemed Brendan Dassey was going to be freed. Some 10 years and 10 months after he was arrested on suspicion of rape and murder, an appeal against his conviction succeeded. However, the “Dassey freed” headlines and triumphant tweets proved premature, as the Attorney General of Wisconsin lodged anContinue reading “It’s all too easy to make a murderer … even in Scotland”

Clyping isn’t easy, even when the stakes are high

AS the floral tributes pile up after an apparently senseless tragedy, it’s only a matter of time until someone places a card bearing three large capital letters: “WHY?” Once the initial shock and confusion has subsided, the question will generally be addressed by some kind of inquiry, commission or review. The aim of these exercisesContinue reading “Clyping isn’t easy, even when the stakes are high”