Don’t point the finger at social workers if you don’t understand the job

The BBC aimed to uncover “the whole story” about three deaths in Fife, but its documentary neglected to mention what is surely a key context: austerity.

Who will protect delivers riders from acid attacks?

The delivery companies have responded with warm words, arranging meetings about safety and setting up phone lines for riders to report concerns. They have emphasised that no-one is obliged to make deliveries in area where they feel unsafe. Which sounds good until you remember that the firms are not obliged to pay them, either.

Line of Duty series four, episode six: is that it?

There’s been one simple question at the heart of this series of Line of Duty: why did Roz cover up what happened in Tim Ifield’s flat? The answer provided in this last episode is far from satisfactory, with Jed Mercurio falling into the same trap as Broadchurch writer Chris Chibnall. Roz Huntley knows from herContinue reading “Line of Duty series four, episode six: is that it?”

Broadchurch: Series three, episode four

THE police have had some strange priorities when investigating this case. While they were quick off the mark with their in-depth condoms-and-fishing-twine research, they’ve been a bit slow about checking the sex offender register for locals who’ve committed almost identical crimes. Ah well. Better late than never. Aaron says he’s not a rapist, but givesContinue reading “Broadchurch: Series three, episode four”

It’ll take more than a TV show to stamp out rape myths

If everyone in Scotland took just two minutes and six seconds to watch the I Just Froze campaign’s films, it could make all the difference to countless survivors. It could mean the difference between saying the right thing and asking the wrong questions.