A corpse just got elected but let’s face it, he’s not the worst politician around

The ballot papers had been printed by the time Dennis Hof went out with a bang on his 72th birthday, and signs notifying voters that he was an ex-candidate apparently did little to dent his electoral success.

Fleeing Scotland to avoid the Nat Tax? Here’s where to go…

How about a relocation to Saudi Arabia? It should be safe to disregard the nation’s abysmal human rights record – just make sure you don’t get arrested. So don’t be gay, don’t be an atheist and definitely don’t be a woman. But did I mention the 0% income tax rate? Eyes on the prize, people!

Washed-up loudmouth George Galloway’s latest mince can be safely ignored

The former MP for Bethnal Green and Bow has, it seems, has been pressing glasses up against walls and listening behind doors, because he seems to be the only person in the country to have caught wind of the “heavy rumour” that the SNP have done a deal with the Tory government, offering to abstain in the vote on the Brexit bill “in exchange for indyref2”.

A Star is Born and Hollywood’s coercive ‘romance’

Jackson can do what he likes, because he’s famous. He’s an entitled, powerful man and he always gets what he wants. Nowhere is this expressed in a more sinister fashion than when he sends his driver to sit outside Ally’s home until she agrees to get on a plane to come and watch him in concert.

Speaking out about sex crimes rarely leads to justice

Her voice wobbled as she told how she had agonised over whether or not to give evidence, and in doing so put herself and her family in the spotlight. In the end, she says the decision was made for her – journalists began hounding her and those close to her, telling her it was inevitable her identity would be made public.

The moral panic about girls on social media dismisses their voices

There’s an obvious tension between two of the most prominent current narratives around girls: the moral panic around their use of the internet; and the push to get more of them interested in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).