SHONA CRAVEN web tinyI’m a writer, sub-editor and policy nerd. I also sometimes work on academic research projects.

I write a weekly column for The National and my work has also been published in Metro, The Times, The Herald, Sunday Herald and on STV.tv. My newspaper columns are collected here.

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2017 is My Year of Speaking Dangerously. I’m attempting to go from zero to hero, speaking-wise, to be the change I want to see and do my bit to redress the gender imbalance on TV and radio and at public events.

I’ll be collecting my TV, radio and podcast appearances and charting my journey from writer to speaker.

I’ve blogged about TV shows including The Good Fight, Line of Duty (BBC), Broadchurch (ITV), Eden (Channel 4), The Fall (BBC), The Good Wife and Better Call Saul (Netflix) and I’m working my way – slowly but surely – through the entire six series of Sex and the City (a project that has its own blog, Sex and The City Revisited).

Follow me on Twitter @shonacraven and Instagram (shona_craven).

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