A Feminist’s Guide to the Festivals

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As part of My Year of Speaking Dangerously I’m dipping my toe into the world of podcasting for the first time, reviewing shows at the Edinburgh Fringe and Edinburgh International Book Festival. For all the latest updates check this page, follow me on Twitter and search for #EdFeministFest.

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A Feminist’s Guide to the Festivals is a new podcast series reviewing Fringe theatre, comedy and spoken word and Book Festival events from a feminist perspective. Expect monologues, dialogues and musings rather than soundbites and star-ratings.

I’ll be in Edinburgh on and off from Friday August 4th to Saturday August 26th.

Me, and maybe others too! A Feminist’s Guide to the Festivals is a new, alternative, experimental venture and anything goes.

I’ll be reviewing under my own steam, paying my own money for tickets (maximum spend £15), and offering a fresh, feminist perspective on the most-reviewed arts festival in the world.

The Edinburgh Fringe is vast. I wonder how many people actually read the programme, compared to the number who wait for “hot tickets” to be declared based on a clutch of four- and five-star reviews? I’m hoping to highlight productions that are worth talking about from a feminist perspective. Maybe they’ll be polished, maybe they’ll be rough and ready. Maybe I’ll love them, maybe I’ll hate them. But I reckon they’ll all be interesting. I’ll also be dropping into the Edinburgh International Book Festival, then chatting afterwards about what writers have to say about gender-related issues.

A Feminist’s Guide to the Festivals is part of My Year of Speaking Dangerously – in which I attempt to go from zero to hero in terms of speaking in public and on air.