Only a clown judges Edinburgh Fringe comics by their sex appeal

DID you hear the one about the sexy clown? Apparently you wait ages for one, only for two to come along at once – or a year apart, which is still too frequent. How many sexy clowns do we need, in these times of great social and political upheaval? And what if one man’s sexy clown is another woman’s radical, essential, boundary-pushing performance artist?

I appreciate these might not seem like urgent questions. As Richard Leonard gets sprayed in the face by a red rosette and Ruth Davidson attempts to dodge a volley custard pies, we have more serious business to ponder. Jo Swinson’s walking around with a bunch of flowers up her sleeve, looking to court anyone who isn’t the SNP, but someone’s thrown a banana skin into her path. Meanwhile John Bercow’s strutting about with greasepaint freckles on his cheeks and a ladder under his arm…

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Published in The National on August 9 2019.

Published by Shona Craven

Writer, editor, talking head

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