I went to say bye to Theresa May … or was it all just a dream?

‘WITH all due respect,” a woman pipes up in an imperious tone, “this is a very important demonstration.” She’s not happy that someone taking photographs is obscuring Theresa May’s view of her sign.

Theresa May isn’t actually here – she’s still in the Houses of Parliament, drying her eyes after her last hurrah at PMQs – but that’s beside the point. It’s vitally important that when she does emerge to make her way up the road to Downing Street, she clocks a red placard bearing the message: “In a democracy, a majority is a majority”. Meanwhile, someone else is unhappy about the cardboard sign being brandished by a man in a clown suit, inflatable crown and Boris Johnson mask…

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Published in The National on July 26 2019.

Published by Shona Craven

Writer, editor, talking head

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