Who will be left once the Brexit blame game is played out?

INT. a bleak greasy-spoon cafe with blacked-out windows in Westminster – mid-afternoon. Team Precious Union are seated round a table.

DOMINIC: I think it’s clear who’s responsible for the failure of this task. What we needed was strong and stable leadership, not messing up the pitch and then caving in as soon as the haggling started.

THERESA: I respect your honestly, Dominic, and I agree that as sub-team eader you should take responsi…

DOMINIC: Don’t you try to pin the blame on me! I stepped up when no-one else wanted the job, and I gave the task 110%. Not like some of the slackers in here who just grumbled from the sidelines about ports and water and other trivial details.

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Published in The National on November 16 2018.

Published by Shona Craven

Writer, editor, talking head

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