Washed-up loudmouth George Galloway’s latest mince can be safely ignored

THE darkness has descended. Poor old George Galloway had only just finished laying out his picnic on Wednesday afternoon when along came a rain cloud to wash it all away.

I hope he at least had his hat on.

“A certain kind of Scotsman is seldom confused with a ray of sunshine,” he grumbled, presumably in between munching on a soggy sandwich and lapping up some spilled milk. “There is nothing so vile, so vituperatively vicious as the cyber-Nat.”

Ah, the cyber-Nat, so quick to leap into action at the slightest provocation. Permanently poised to pounce on any tweet that offends them and fire back with false claims, anger and abuse. The kind of keyboard warriors who respond to polite questioning of their claims with vituperative retorts like: “You will never stop me speaking about Scotland. Now f**k off.”

Read the rest of this column at thenational.scot

Published in The National on October 19 2018.


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