Why the goat hunter of Islay has done us all a favour

The Larysa Switlyk (Latin name: troglodytes cowardice) selects its prey on the basis of beauty, because there’s no more beautiful animal than a dead one. After each kill, it manipulates the corpse, or “trophy”, into a lifelike pose to take photographs before fleeing the scene.

Washed-up loudmouth George Galloway’s latest mince can be safely ignored

The former MP for Bethnal Green and Bow has, it seems, has been pressing glasses up against walls and listening behind doors, because he seems to be the only person in the country to have caught wind of the “heavy rumour” that the SNP have done a deal with the Tory government, offering to abstain in the vote on the Brexit bill “in exchange for indyref2”.

A Star is Born and Hollywood’s coercive ‘romance’

Jackson can do what he likes, because he’s famous. He’s an entitled, powerful man and he always gets what he wants. Nowhere is this expressed in a more sinister fashion than when he sends his driver to sit outside Ally’s home until she agrees to get on a plane to come and watch him in concert.