Natural contraception? Don’t believe the hype

IT’S odd, when you think about it, that Mother Nature has such a positive reputation, given she is responsible for natural disasters, deaths from natural causes, and all sorts of natural predators, toxins and hazards. She is hardly a maternal or even benign influence, yet many folk seem to trust her implicitly.

By contrast, Ms Nature’s arch rival “Big Pharma” is treated with suspicion and cynicism. He has his own agenda – making money – and this taints every interaction. If she’s the reliable parent who makes organic wraps for your lunchbox each morning, he’s the distant dad who tries to bribe you with McDonald’s every other weekend.

In this context, it’s easy to understand the appeal of Natural Cycles, the contraceptive app which made the headlines this week…

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Published in The National on August 31 2018.

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