Who can we trust to keep vital charities afloat?

IT has become a case of she said, they said.

When Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis this week announced it was closing its waiting list and ending a support project for girls due to loss of funding, its manager said she had been told – informally – that the charity wasn’t doing enough to support men and boys. But the BBC’s Children in Need, which funded the girls’ project for six years, responded saying this was not true, and there simply wasn’t enough money to go around.

So who should we – the public, the licence-payers, the donation-givers – believe? The charity, reeling from the loss of vital cash, or the funder, burdened with the responsibility of making “really difficult decisions” when faced with a flood of applications and finite resources?

When the Scottish Government swiftly stepped in to plug the funding shortfall, it seemed like the story would disappear from the headlines. But then Forth Valley Rape Crisis Centre announced the closure of its own waiting list…

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Published in The National on August 10 2018.

Published by Shona Craven

Writer, editor, talking head

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