I’m happy to be thrown out of men-only spaces

WHEN I told friends I’d been asked to leave a workshop at a feminist event last weekend, they looked alarmed.

“Oh god, what’s Craven done now?” I could see them thinking. “She’s even managed to upset the feminists!” So I was quick to clarify that I wasn’t the only one – in fact, every woman in the room had been asked to leave a session titled “Responses to Patriarchy”.

I was taken aback, certainly, when it was pointed out that the printed sign on the door had “no cis women” scrawled on it in felt-tip pen. But we all duly left, with no audible words of complaint (thanks, female socialisation), after the facilitator made it clear he wasn’t messing about. He advised that if any of us wanted an explanation of the policy, we could come and find him later.

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Published in The National on July 27 2018.

Published by Shona Craven

Writer, editor, talking head

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