The Good Fight season two, episode twelve (day 485): shifting sands

jay deportationIT’S been quite a season for Jay, from securing his friend’s release from prison to lashing out at Adrian and quitting the firm (I still haven’t forgiven him for calling his boss a hustler) to now facing the threat of deportation.

At first, when Jay is arrested along with a witness he’s transporting, it seems like there must be some mistake. But no – the¬†Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) team know something we don’t know (and indeed that Jay himself doesn’t know): he’s not actually a US citizen. His parents faked a birth certificate (to make him the “twin” of his US-born sister) to mask the truth that he was born in Nigeria.

What follows is an elaborate legal tangle spanning three different courts and involving sneaky tactics from both sides. Diane and Liz are in the unusual position of trying to keep an accused person in custody, because the alternative (detention and deportation) is far more serious. But remember when poor Cary spent time behind bars? It was no picnic.

Diane is still struggling with the madness of the Trump era and has resolved to focus on keeping her little corner of the world sane. It’s clear that Jay’s artwork, while great, doesn’t meet the criteria necessary for him to be granted a so-called “Einstein visa” … but neither did Melania Trump’s bare bum. And it’s obviously mad that sticking a suit and some glasses on a comic-store geek and having him speak in an English accent is enough to secure a person residency, but crazy times call for crazy measures (as well as the pinching of down-and-dirty tactics from previous opponents).

To be honest I didn’t understand what was going on between Julius and his Republican pal. Did the latter honestly think Reddick, Boseman and Lockhart would give up their ChumHum contract to save Jay? Paradoxically, Marissa’s strong work putting together a case for keeping him in the US proved that he’s not essential to the firm’s success.

Motherfucker of the Week: The ICE head honcho seems a prime candidate, but in truth he was just following orders (and missing his six-year-old son’s birthday in the process).

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