Are John Swinney’s education reforms really empowering?

One person’s “empowering schools” is another’s passing the buck. A one-size-fits-all approach may not be the answer, but does every school in Scotland really require its own bespoke curriculum, its own recruitment process, its own procurement policies?

Male victims of abuse do exist, and they deserve support

When the question “what about male victims of domestic abuse?” is asked, it’s not fair to assume the person asking it has an anti-woman agenda, or is trying to undermine (or snatch funding away from) efforts to help female victims.

Ruth Davidson’s ‘soft on crime’ charge doesn’t stand up to scrutiny

IF in doubt, “criminals!” shout. That seems to be Ruth Davidson’s strategy for any session of FMQs that falls during a week when her colleagues at Westminster have been disgracing themselves, disrespecting Scotland, slinging mud at each other and infuriating our EU neighbours. At the moment that describes just about every week, so no wonderContinue reading “Ruth Davidson’s ‘soft on crime’ charge doesn’t stand up to scrutiny”