The Good Fight season two, episode eleven (day 478): Assholes to Avoid

Diane martial artsYIKES. I wonder if Aziz Ansari has seen this episode. I wonder if the editors of have seen it.

This week’s case revolves around an account of a date that went wrong. Or at least, from the perspective of the woman involved it went wrong. From the perspective of the man it was fine. But when an account of the date appeared online, he lost his job.

It seems like a loser case, until our chums with the legal-investment algorithm get wind of it and sniff out the possibility of a class action (or do they?). Meanwhile, the office is abuzz with debate.

Adrian is, of course, still in hospital recovering from last week’s shooting, and while the cat’s away Diane’s not only re-hiring Jay but giving him a raise. What nonsense – since when was this a sensible response to a clear-cut case of gross misconduct?! And are Diane and Liz really bosom buddies all of a sudden, despite the whole “jeopardising the entire law firm by leaking the client list” hoo-ha?

Now that we’ve established investigators can do what they like as long as they’re being self-righteous while doing it, Marissa has a go at Maia for digging for dirt about the woman who shared her #MeToo story. Like Jay, Marissa seems a bit confused about what working for a law firm entails.

It’s excellent news that Diane has somehow re-accrued her entire pension pot in the space of 18 months – to think us thirtysomethings were panicking about our contributions! Unfortunately there’s a sting in the tale – Kurt wants a divorce. Or at least that’s how it seems at a glance, but predictably it was the case that Kurt was assuming Diane still wants one.

I missed when Kurt found out about Tully – did he pick that up just from seeing him visit Diane at the office? Has Diane already got over the fresh Holly revelation? And did we know Lucca was having a boy? I missed this announcement!

In another topical twist, the young woman whose website of dodgy dating tales shows up for a deposition, and accuses Diane of being a bad feminist.  OH NO SHE DIDN’T. Diane’s still got that gun in her handbag – and has just taken up martial arts – so this young lady might want to think about backing the fuck up.

The “kill all lawyers” plumbs new depths of implausibility when it is suddenly and ridiculously revealed that the gun-planting bent cop of recent episodes shot Adrian. What?!?!  “I guess he saw all the attacks on lawyers and wanted to get in on it,” says someone. That’s not a reason to shoot anyone! And if anything that cop should be thanking Adrian for keeping his secrets safe despite Jay’s best efforts. NONSENSICAL. Thank goodness this stupid storyline is (hopefully) over. I’m also not interested in Diane’s implausible foray into the world of back-of-a-launderette martial arts.

Motherfucker of the week: That depends. Are you a wizened old second-wave feminist or a vibrant young third-wave one? *seethes*

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