The Good Fight season two, episode ten (day 471): kill all lawyers

TGF Lucca ballooons.PNGWELL, my wish for Solomon Waltzer to be a returning character was granted quickly … and in the space of one episode he leapfrogs Louis Canning in the villain-in-a-frail-disguise stakes. What an opportunistic bastard! In fact, was this merely opportunism? I smell conspiracy!

I’m glad I missed Twitter spoilers from the US, as the episode’s shock twist caught me totally off-guard despite the fact that it’s been heavily signposted all series. The initial panic was brilliantly done – for a few minutes I was convinced it was all a big misunderstanding – and what better opportunity for Marissa to demonstrate her investigative chops?

However, there was never really any question about whether Adrian would live. The writers couldn’t possibly have bumped off Diane’s new partner-buddy in exactly the same fashion as her last one.

With a man down and no clues as to the identity of the suspect, Liz is under pressure from her cop husband to share the firm’s client list. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the first we’ve seen of Lemond Bishop in The Good Fight, so surely it would have been an idea to have had him pop up earlier? Liz’s man handles the illegally leaked list with all the sensitivity of a bear wearing boxing gloves, heading straight over to Bishop’s house before hitting up notorious (alleged) wife-killer Colin Sweeney. Why he imagined either had a grudge against Adrian isn’t clear – he may as well have just taken out an ad in the Chicago Tribute saying “Liz Reddick leaked the client list”.

Bizarrely, the episode ends with Diane forgiving Liz for this massive breach, just because, um, she graciously decides to tolerate having Chicago’s biggest gangster (reformed, allegedly) as one of the firm’s clients? Was that it? Diane may be off the shrooms – at last, thanks goodness – but I’d have hoped for better judgement on this as a result of her newly cleared head. The firm could have been ruined!

With Adrian lying in hospital, Jay realises he’s been a complete balloon and comes back to the firm. I kind of hope when the big man wakes up he reminds Jay that the job is not his to walk back into, given that whole clear-cut-gross-misconduct incident from the other week.

Amidst all the chaos, Lucca almost misses the announcement that Colin is to be a congressman. Technically he’s still only a candidate, but he’s running against a Nazi so the odds are looking pretty good. I’m not clear why Lucca ended up with dozens of balloons in her office (or even any balloons) but I know it was NOT cool for her and Diane to go on a popping spree just after their colleague had been shot in the very same office.

I love love love Lucca’s jacket. 10/10. Eight months pregnant really, really suits her.

Motherfucker of the Week: Since we don’t know the identity of the shooter*, the honour has to once again go to Solomon Waltzer.

* I’m not ruling out a hitman hired by Solomon Waltzer. I don’t trust that guy for a second. He’s giving me serious Jigsaw-killer vibes.

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