The Good Fight season two, episode nine (day 464): a golden opportunity

TGF DianeI DO like it when a plot line carries over into a second episode (except for one very memorable instance – weep! – in The Good Wife, of course), and here we even get a special intro to remind us what’s what re: Jay’s pal, bent coppers and attorney-client privilege.

However, first up is a brand-new client, or at least a potential one. Dominika is facing deportation and while her crime is officially recorded as solicitation, she claims the real reason is her starring role in a certain fabled hotel-room video also featuring a certain President of the United States.

So far, so tantalising … but Diane smells a rat. It this a sting operation by Project Veritas, the real-life organisation of right-wing political activist James O’Keefe? Or is it the real deal? Who better to sniff out truth from lies than our old friend Madeleine Starkey, the FBI investigator who gave Maia such a devastating grilling last series? Meanwhile, Diane gets in touch with Ruth from the DNC to let her know what’s going on.

There’s further deja vu when Colin goes to meet Frank Landau in a bid to become a congressman … only to be told that a black girlfriend doesn’t cancel out his racist professional decision-making. Remember when Peter Florrick was accused of favouring white prosecutors during his time as state’s attorney? And it turned out that, well, yes, he absolutely did favour white prosecutors? I wonder if this will actually prompt Colin to examine his prejudices, rather than just find a cynical way to fiddle the figures.

This whole Jay’s-pal plot doesn’t wash with me. How on earth do Maia and Lucca imagine it’s not going to be obvious they breached attorney-client privilege? They’re sitting in court watching it all play out! Lucca is pregnant by the prosecutor who dramatically intervened! Their recently departed colleague is hugging his freed pal! And even without these displays it would still be glaringly obvious.

Of course, the Trump storyline can only really go one way – events in the show can’t be allowed to overtake real life (except in Diane’s shroom-induced hallucinations, of course). Ultimately, Ruth decides the embarrassment of the “pee pee tape” will be a mere blip that will rebound on a desperate-looking Democrat party. Dammit, she’s right … but fortunately our gang aren’t above a wee bit of “dirt-mongering”.

First tragedy, then farce, then porn – I enjoyed the golden glow radiating from the screen any type someone watched the leaked video, and the suitably epic choral music.

Fashion-wise, I’m loving everyone’s coats, but I’m not sure Marissa’s powder-blue number is idea for inconspicuous trailing of potential double-agents. Lucca’s maternity wardrobe has vastly improved since the early days, as has her previously stinking behaviour towards Colin. Sure, she’s playing a role here to help him realise his political ambitions, but she doesn’t have to do it.

Motherfucker of the week: Hmm, there wasn’t a lot of bad behaviour on display, except for the ethical insanity of course. So I’m going to go with Trump himself.

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