The Good Fight season two, episode eight (day 457): divided loyalty

Alan AlaIS Solomon Waltzer (Alan Alda) going to be The Good Fight’s answer to Louis Canning (Michael J Fox)*? I hope so, as I enjoyed his doddery old man act masking his sophisticated mastery of Facebook micro-targeting.

Initially the episode appears to be pursuing two parallel plots, but eventually they come crashing together with some pretty impressive fireworks.

Jay has a pal in prison who was set up by a dirty cop, and it turns out the same cop is implicated in the shooting of an undercover colleague who was seriously injured and is now suing for damages. The only problem is that attorney-client privilege means only the facts presented in court for the second case can be used to help the first.

Ballistics are key to the case, so enter Kurt, who guides the jury around the crime scene with his usual understated confidence. Julius is quick to highlight Kurt’s relationship with Diane, to stop Waltzer making a drama out of it, but little do our pals know that he has a much more powerful card to play: Holly, the glamorous young ballistics protege with whom Kurt cheated on Diane. You may recall that we – and Diane – learned about this betrayal in the courtroom, and unfortunately for her it’s deja vu as not only is she forced to hear about it again, but to add insult to injury she finds out the pair have since met for drinks.

We know Diane’s been feeling guilty about her liaison with Tully, and I felt sure she’d blurt out a tit-for-tat confession during her showdown with Kurt, but instead she kept her cards close to her chest. It was a great scene – none of us what Diane to be “that woman”, even though I’m sure we all want her and Kurt together.

I’m finding the micro-dosing and Tully storylines increasingly ridiculous.

Jay’s outburst at the episode’s end caught me by surprise. There was no moral dilemma here for Adrian because a) he didn’t know that anyone was in prison due to the police corruption he’d just learned about and b) as he clearly explained to Jay, even once he knew there was nothing he could do about it. Jay knows this – would he rather Adrian was disbarred and the firm ruined? His position was ridiculous. Is he just peeved that Marissa is starting to outshine him?

Motherfucker of the Week: If he becomes a recurring special guest, I have a feeling Waltzer will earn this title every time he appears.

* Did Louis Canning ever actually die, or was that all a ruse?

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