The Good Fight season two, episode seven (day 450): going low

Ruth.JPGRUTH’S back! More and more characters are making the leap from The Good Wife to The Good Fight as law and politics overlap, and I couldn’t be happier. The difference is that this time we’re not starting at state governor level, but instead going straight to the top.

Ruth Eastman, for those who’ve forgotten (or who didn’t watch The Good Wife), is from the Democratic National Committee and was a series regular when Peter Florrick, the not-so-good husband, was staging a political comeback. This time, she’s on a major mission: to have Trump impeached.

The first task is to select the law firm with the best strategy, which means staging top-secret brainstorming sessions with a selection of contenders. It’s all going much as you’d expect until Liz (who I confess I’d forgotten existed) offers up a bamboozling statement about videos and law suits and rape charges and porn stars. Has she been rummaging around in Diane’s handbag? What’s she blathering on about?

That, it turns out, is her strategy – forget doing things by the book, and bamboozle the public with a steady stream of lies and misdirection. Play Trump at his own game. Adrian’s furious – he’s confident the firm’s combination of legal savvy and a single Trump-supporting devil’s advocate will win the gig. So when Diane comes round to Liz’s way of thinking, he’s peeved, to say the least.

Meanwhile, remember Maria’s chemical-hazards-expert boyfriend? No, I didn’t either. Remember how Maia’s girlfriend Amy basically testified that she was a liar and a crook? Ugh, yes, unfortunately. Well, both couples are still together and go on the world’s most awkward night out. Anthrax man suddenly starts a brawl, and Marissa implausibly believes him when he claims he was protecting her honour, prompting Amy to muse that the dynamics of this relationship might not be very healthy. Right, sure, but you know who else’s relationship dynamic isn’t very healthy, Amy? Hmm?

The Lucca/Colin storyline continues to be very unsatisfying – although thankfully her maternity wardrobe has improved massively – as his mum drops by the office with a singing toy dog and expresses her wish for the pair to get back together. Improbably, Lucca concludes this is because Colin is planning to run for Congress … which indeed he is. This seems like a bad idea to me. Even before she got pregnant, Lucca was able to knock Colin off his stride in court just by walking in an raising an eyebrow. Does he really think he’s got the necessary steel for politics? Clearly his mum does, as she knows exactly what buttons to push – literally – to get Lucca to go public with the identity of her baby’s dad.

This is the second episode in a row in which one of our lead characters has declared she’s not going to be that kind of woman – ie a woman like Alicia. I like it. I just hope they’re able to live up to it!

The animation at the end was very weird. I still miss Barbara by the way.

Motherfucker of the week: Donald J Trump

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