The Good Fight season two, episode six (day 443): fighting talk

Adrian TV2OK, I’m hopeful we’re back on track. Diane and Adrian are fierce and fabulous double act mode, Lucca and Colin are sparring in court, and Marissa is implausibly obtaining information by asking detailed questions in a breezy tone.

I love TV-pundit Adrian, taking no prisoners on late-night cable news, but all good things have to come to an end. When it turns out there’s only room at the table for one black lawyer (and one black narrative), he knows it’s time to bail. Not before ruffling a few more feathers though.

I’m not clear, in light of last week’s episode, if we’re supposed to regard Adrian as sleazy. He certainly seemed to be checking out the admiring TV make-up lady, but wasn’t she doing the same? She could have just given him some face wipes and told him to be on his way.

I’ve never been keen on Lucca and Colin as a couple, because he’s always seemed witty, cool and sincere whereas she becomes incredibly bratty and annoying whenever she’s around him. I spied his courtroom strategy a mile off – requesting a continuance to ensure the mother of his first born doesn’t work herself into a dangerous lather by her due date – but of course her mind went straight to a dastardly motive. Why? Colin has never done anything dastardly! Also, her jacket choices continue to be unacceptable. By contrast, Marissa’s fashion game continues to be strong, and I almost didn’t recognise Amber Wood-Lutz when she arrived in court styled as a Battle Royale schoolgirl.

I’m still finding the whole “kill the lawyers” thing a bit ridiculous but it, along with Adrian’s new-found fame, provides the context for some big-firm skullduggery and most important provides some lovely shots of Diane in a superb floral number (and Adrian in a sumptuous three-piece suit) in a fancy boardroom-cum-drawing room. I really do love this pair working together – he’ll never replace Will (sob!) but he’s giving it a damn good shot.

Motherfucker of the Week: The TV producer

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