The Good Fight season two, episode five (Day 436): #HimToo?

TGF ColinWHAT’S gone wrong with The Good Fight? This season is yet to hit its stride and I’m becoming concerned that it’s never going to. With Maia’s personal woes downgraded we’re now lacking a central character, and the focus is split among four women.

Which is fine, because the inscrutable Maia was a slightly frustrating lead and each of the others should easily be able to carry an episode. But once again this week we have a clunky split, as Maia and Lucca are sent out on the road to check the police are doing everything by the book.

Completely improbably, both end up bumping into someone they know – Maia a fellow former jailbird, and Lucca the lush mother of her secret unborn child. Come on. That’s far too convenient. The stage is set for Lucca to spill the beans about the pregnancy, and she handles the whole thing with her trademark immaturity, seemingly baffled that Colin – who has always seemed a straight-up guy – gives a shit.

Meanwhile, Diane still appears to be off her nut, drinking in bed while a giant painting of a chair looms over her and the telly spews out trippy fake news. Fortunately she’s still able to be completely compos mentis when Adrian summons her in for some late-night lawyering.

The case centres on a big-name Hollywood star who’s been accused of sexual assault and rape. A news show wants to run a report in the morning, based on allegations by two women, but there’s a suggestion the claims may be politically motivated given the accused’s outspoken criticism of the alt.right, so a bit of detective work is required.

So far, so topical, but wait, there’s another coincidence ahead – the TV journalist breaking the story is someone Adrian knows. Or rather, she knows him, as she was one of his students many years earlier. There are several problems with this storyline. First, we don’t know enough about Adrian and his past. Did we even know he used to work as a guest lecturer? Did we know Liz was initially one of his students? Secondly, the plot line depends on Adrian having no memory of the journalist due to having neglected her and the rest of the class in favour of “star-fucking” Carl Reddick’s daughter. But she’s absolutely gorgeous. Ridiculously so. And apparently hasn’t changed a bit. Hmm.

The bizarre suggestion that his behaviour derailed someone’s promising law career has Adrian replaying everything in his head.  “I don’t think I did anything wrong,” he says.  “You’re making me feel like a shit”. Were we supposed to be drawing parallels here with the actor accused of rape? Between this and the terribly handled “tequila buffet” reality TV episode, I find myself wishing The Good Fight had just ignored #MeToo altogether.

Motherfucker of the Week: Maybe just a wee bit too harsh of a judgement, but Lucca needs to stop being a bitch to Colin and accept he has a right to care about his unborn child.

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