We feminists are lucky to have men pointing out our mistakes

SOMETIMES it’s hard to be a woman. Other times, life is made that little bit easier by thoughtful gestures by the opposite sex. A door held open here, a mood-lifting “cheer up love” there … it’s a wonder feminists still find so much to moan about. This week I was indebted to reader Steve Arnott for very kindly explaining my column about science and sex differences back to me while assuring readers that ground-breaking bodies of work by women scientists amount to nothing more than “conspiracy theories”.

When Cordelia Fine sat down to write an introduction centred on the idea of a keyring made of dog testicles, I bet she never imagined anyone would accuse her of writing a bland book. But perhaps with his use of “pabulum” to describe Testosterone Rex, our correspondent instead wished to convey “mediocre, unsatisfying or worthless”. Let’s hope he forwarded a copy of his letter to the judges of the Royal Society’s science book of the year award – who, like me, are presumably a bunch of uncritical, easily pleased testicle obsessives.

Read the rest of this column at thenational.scot

Published in The National on April 13 2018.

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