The Good Fight season two, episode four (Day 429): family values

TGF LuccaOH-EM-GEE! Lucca’s preggo!

I mean, it had become reeeally obvious that Cush Jumbo was preggo (NB I still don’t think there’s any justification for that terrible jacket in episode two), but it seemed like we were supposed to just be politely ignoring it.

The key thing I’m confused about now is why Lucca invited Colin to the sparsely attended Reddick, Boseman and Lockhart shindig if she doesn’t want him to know about his impending fatherhood. Her brother might have expressed the situation more diplomatically, but that bump does not lie.

I’m not sure how I feel about this development, which the writers presumably hadn’t planned for. But I’m absolutely not a fan of Lucca’s unhinged approach to relationships, so if this calms her down it can only be a good thing. And it’ll be fun if she goes into labour during a showdown with babydaddy in court.

I’m not sure the episode needed to flag up it’s dual-narrative approach (we could probably have figured that out for ourselves) and it generally felt a bit all over the place. It was nice to have Nancy Crozier back – and we know that arbiter from The Good Wife too, right? – but Kurt’s return was a right old mess.

What is it with Diane and random barmen? The guy was semi-charming right up until his handjob reference, but come on. If she’d just owned her actions and carried on being “fuck it all” Diane in the morning I might have been on board, but in the cold, shroom-less light of day she’s “oh fuck” Diane, full of regret. Where is this character arc going?

The teacher dismissal case was much too far-fetched and I don’t care about the educational needs of weirdo Liz’s weirdo son, but it was a joy to see Elsbeth run rings around her opponent while dragging around no fewer than four brightly coloured tote bags (is this a new record?). Did anyone else understand why Adrian wanted to shut down Lucca’s brother’s site? It didn’t make much sense to me. As Elsbeth demonstrated, it wasn’t threatening the jobs of lawyers, only their administrators.

Motherfucker of the week: Crikey, was it Diane? She’s certainly an anotherfucker, but at least she spared Kurt (who let’s not forget, is quite the shagger himself) the knowledge of it. They were on a break, so is there really any point in ruining things by telling him?

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