Lone wolf? No, these ‘incels’ are misogynist terrorists

It’s easy to see why the online world of “men’s rights activism” might appeal to the kind of young men who find social interactions difficult and confusing, and wish there was a scientific formula for success with girls and women. It’s not hard to see how neurologically atypical young men in particular could be sucked in.

The Good Fight season two, episode five (Day 436): #HimToo?

WHAT’S gone wrong with The Good Fight? This season is yet to hit its stride and I’m becoming concerned that it’s never going to. With Maia’s personal woes downgraded we’re now lacking a central character, and the focus is split among four women. Which is fine, because the inscrutable Maia was a slightly frustrating leadContinue reading “The Good Fight season two, episode five (Day 436): #HimToo?”

We feminists are lucky to have men pointing out our mistakes

Perfect experiments are almost impossible to design, if ethics are to be considered and spending is to be kept within reasonable limits. The peer-review process should guard against hasty conclusions, but it involves fallible humans who are likely to be more open to findings that build on what’s gone before.