The Good Fight season two, episode two (Day 415): the end of the road

TGF 2 22I’m no expert on disbarrable offences, but newbie Liz seems to have awfy loose lips (and an inexplicably dirty desk), no? I’m not really sure her explanation makes sense – she wasn’t actually fired from the state’s attorney’s office, after all.

I assumed the season trailer had rendered the “surprise witness” at Maia’s trial a non-surprise, but aha! There’s a *bonus* surprise witness! And *another* bonus surprise witness! Then a surprise twist!

I’d like to state for the record that I knew Amy wasn’t to be trusted. Cush Jumbo will back me up on this. What I didn’t understand, initially, was how on earth she could stitch up Maia and expect it not to mean the instant end of their relationship. Who shares a bed with the person who’s just implicated them in a huge fraud?! Also I refuse to believe Maia sleeps in a) her bra or b) a full face of make-up.

I was further confused that Maia seemed surprised the prosecution was going to try and catch her out regarding her involvement in the Rindell Foundation – wasn’t that was a given in light of the flashbacks we saw in the last season? We already knew she’d signed off things she shouldn’t, didn’t we? And it appears she kinda was a bit guilty all along. So perhaps Amy really did have no choice.

I really hope Lucca’s revolting embroidered jacket was another of her “let’s win the case by distracting Colin” tactics. The top underneath it was equally unacceptable. By dramatic contrast, Diane was on fire in navy lace, a camel coat, silver courts and oversize shades. And the mixing prints to bold effect. I wonder if she’s still on the mushrooms? Regardless, I like it.

Adrian and Liz are cute together – I’m intrigued to know why their marriage went kaput. For all his belly-aching about her hiring he seems pretty relaxed about it now. I presume she’s up to no good with her suggestion Diane is about to quit – but I can’t believe Adrian would believe it given a) Diane is surely still only a few pay cheques away from penury and b) they are pretty good pals whereas Liz is almost a total stranger.

Motherfucker of the week: It has to be Henry, who has finally come properly unstuck. I’m glad his storyline and Maia’s legal woes have been wrapped up and we can resume the ripped-from-the-headlines case-of-the-week format. I’m not really sure what the “kill all the lawyers” stuff has added so far. And I already miss Barbara.


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