The Good Fight season two, episode one (Day 408): trouble and strife

TGF 1 2

IT’S back! And we’re mere minutes into the new season when new battle lines are drawn. The occasion is the funeral of Carl Reddick, the named partner who we last saw scolding Adrian for chasing money rather than standing up for principles.

Clearly it’s a case of like father, like daughter as assistant state’s attorney Liz Reddick has been getting herself into hot water at work by tweeting about Trump being a white supremacist. If the trailers hadn’t already given the game away, it wouldn’t have taken much wit to join the dots – she reckons Reddick, Boseman and Kolstad will be guilty of false advertising without a living, breathing Reddick on staff, and meanwhile her boss is suggesting (ie insisting) she take a few weeks off.

To complicate matters, she happens to be Adrian’s ex-wife…

Meanwhile, one of last season’s best villains returns in the form of Jane Lynch’s federal investigator Madeline Starkey, but this time Maia’s ready for her (“Wow, she’s gotten a little harder” – indeed). It seems likely she’s bluffing when she insists she has fresh dirt that will send her prey to prison, but no – she has something real. Once again poor Maia’s forced to consider that everyone she’s ever been close to is in fact a double-crossing snake.

Oh, and somehow Howard Lyman’s become a judge. And even more improbably, moments after hearing a call of “kill all lawyers”, Diane accepts an unsolicited unknown vial of drugs from a random funeral barman. Whit?!

I was a bit disappointed that Adrian didn’t declare anyone a motherfucker in this episode, despite some pretty serious motherfuckery from his so-called pals. But the series is young. And now Barbara has jumped ship, setting the stage for some delicious Kolstad vs Lockhart courtroom showdowns. Can’t wait!

Motherfucker of the Week: It has to be Starkey although to be fair, while her methods may be sneaky beyond belief, the end probably justifies the means.

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